What do you think?

On this page we want to collect your feedback on our concept design of the software we are going to build for PREFAB. If you have any questions or notifications regarding the design or this page please send an email to info@novasole.nl. Thank you for your feedback!


Aim Fascade Scan App:

Create awareness within just a few clicks, not hours or days. Build a software as a service App that enables architects, project developers and real-estate owners to quickly and easily see what PREFAB fascade building elements can do for their buildings. In electricity costs savings, but also visually.


Assumptions applied in the design:

  • Initially only applicable for the two PREFAB elements
  • Applicable for new and existing buildings
  • All product performance indicators and specifications are known


Design Fascade Scan App:

Step 1:

Insert postal code, housenumber (and/or additive(s)) and electricity usage for existing or new buildings

Step 2:

  • With existing buildings: select proper building peremiter(s) and/or adjust peremiter(s) in 2D
  • With new buildings: draw building peremiter(s) in 2D and insert building height(s)

Step 3:

See how much electricity the building will generate and how much money is being saved, additional to the new 3D designs of the building fascades. Download a Quick scan report for more info about the applied PREFAB elements and many more.


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